The “Pain and Inflammation in Psychiatric Conditions” (PiPCo)

Project is a translational project where we combine preclinical neuroscience experiments with clinical studies.

Our hypothesis is that studying pain experience and perception (pain type, distribution, threshold, sensitivity and functioning) in children and adolescents with ADHD with and without comorbid psychiatric conditions, will be a helpful tool in defining underlying neuropathology and by that to construct individually adjusted treatment strategies for them.

Also, we suggest a possible role for neuroinflammation as an underlying factor behind ADHD symptoms and altered pain perception. A better understanding of fundamental pathophysiological pathways and their interactions may provide a broadly applicable conceptual framework and subsequent means of therapeutic interventions.

We suggest a possible link between altered pain perception and ADHD (and its comorbidities) which maybe also a possible treatment strategy. This link is neuroinflammation.

The PiPCo project consist of a clinical part and a preclinical part.

General aim:

•       to define underlying neuropathology of ADHD and altered pain perception

•       to develop neuroinflammation – based treatment strategies for children and adolescents with ADHD.