Åsa Torinsson Naluai

Associate professor in Experimental Clinical Genetics.
Ph.D in Medical Sciences

I have significant international and national collaboration, evident from my publications where almost all of my published articles include several institutes and international co-authors.

Due to the celiac EU project supported by the 5th framework programme I have had close collaborations with several European countries. The more recent years I have included large genetic consortia in both the US and in Europe to my collaborative partners, which have resulted in several Nature Genetics publications. We have had a number of workshop meetings where we have discussed the analyses and data gathering strategies. I have also extended my collaborations to Pakistan, and are currently investigating new collaborations in Rwanda, an emerging country affected by increasing incidence of non-communicable inflammatory and metabolic diseases. Due to the scientific turns of my project, I have also recently initiated collaboration with Professor Polly Matzinger at the NIH, Bethesda, USA, one of the world’s leading immunologists and the scientist behind the danger model.

In Sweden, I am responsible for sample quality research within the Swedish Biobank Infrastructure (biobanksweden.se) and I am leading a multicentre clinical study (the GENEX study) and a study on inflammatory response in children. Four different hospitals are collaborative partners. I also co-supervised a PhD student within this project, which was funded by one of the collaborative partners. I am currently involved in a start-up company and work with Professor Katarina Ejeskär at the University of Skövde with evaluation studies regarding the prevention of chronic inflammation, and we are working on a patent application.

University of Gothenburg
Department of  Medical Sciences at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Associate Professor in Experimental Clinical Genetics
Ph.D in Medical Sciences